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Katy Kavanaugh is a 2010 graduate of Stanford School of Education’s Learning, Design and Technology program as well as its Hasso Plattner Institute of Design ( In 2010 she received a Stanford fellowship in coordination with the Berlin Film Festival’s Generation section to examine the effects of foreign films on childhood memory (FINDING FELIX). She has coached Design Thinking at the Hasso Plattner Institute of Design, Potsdam and continues to support design teams for innovation in Industry, Education and Research. She is an entrepreneur, filmmaker and artist and is extremely heartened that Design Thinking intelligently embraces creative confidence.

She officially established Catapult Productions to devote efforts to increasing awareness of the benefits of diversifying children’s programming with international cinema, as well as to challenge the aesthetic of the genre with her own filmmaking. Along with an international group of advisors, she launched the bi-annual touring exhibition Screen 360: Films for Children of the World, showing in San Francisco, Portland and rural Oregon. Screen 360’s annual Bay Area Progeny program was the sole American youth voice at The Olympia Festival for Children and Youth in Greece since 2003.

Before getting behind the camera, Kavanaugh’s work in film festivals supported ten years of Dance Theater performance and choreography. She was an original delegate to the Berlin Talent Campus in 2003 and produced WHAT DOES YOUR FILM TASTE LIKE? with the Campus in 2004. Her film FLIEGEN screened in the US, Germany and Kenya. The 2007 documentary SYNERGY continues to delight with the wisdom of Buckminster Fuller and nine year-olds. Additionally, an early love of painting combined with understanding of spacial influence garnered her commissions for interior and exterior environments in the U.S. and Australia. Kavanaugh is one of six, raised by two educators with a front-door open to the cultural revolution in San Francisco’s Haight-Ashbury.




Temat wystąpienia:Offering Change: Being the agents of change in new situations
Prelegent: Katy Kavanaugh, Catapult Productions, Independent

Opis: The digital divide is vast, especially for those on the other side of it. Yet, these are our forebears, also innovators in their own time. They should be recognized and a bridge offered to their still-valuable contributions. Design Thinking is an accessible bridge, rather than an overwhelming tidal wave of information. How might we bridge the Polish innovators of yesterday with the innovators of today? How might we make Design Thinking an accessible offer?


Temat: Design thinking for young entrepreneurs
Prowadzący warsztaty: Katy Kavanaugh, Catapult Productions, Independent

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Opis: Design thinking is a methodology for creative problem solving and generating innovative ideas. It can be used in dealing with all range of problems: business, educational, social, political. It was formulated at Stanford University and is widely used by Silicon Valley companies. Firms like Apple, Philips, Play or Lufthansa are proudly implementing design thinking to its design processes. Design thinking is a systematic approach to innovation!

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